Telling an associate that I’m sick

An associate, actually someone who from time to time challenges my authority (as expected for anyone in my position), challenged me again today. And for the first time, I responded to a threat by telling the truth, not for sympathy, not as an excuse, not for control, but simply to offer an explanation. After doing it, I was stricken by how calm I was and all this energy from past times when I had kept quiet and lied about my condition, all this energy came through as tears. Tapped on her name, and all the incidents. Felt much better afterwards. [ further contents lost due to database corruption] When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health.Stop Smoking E-BookFree One Hour Planning Consultation If You Want To Have Sessions Or Courses With MeDisclaimer – You are advised to consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any course of alternative, complementary, or beauty therapy. The way I use EFT or Tapping on myself is my own way which works for me, and I adapt the tapping to every client in the way that we agree works for them. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents views not necessarily those of the trademark owners.