Tapping with Milton Erickson the Great Master

I wrote a totally inappropriate post while tapping live. And I went from an 8 to 4. Then I deleted it, its purpose done. Milton Erickson, the first true hypnotherapist in the Western world, wrote about a time when a woman asked him to see her but she wanted to stay in the car and get the therapy by knowing he was doing it, and it worked. Likewise even though the post was not posted, it worked.

Now I continue my tapping, privately. I need to tap to zero on nervousness of going out today, as I feel tired and therefore irritable but have to go to the bank and do stuff. Tapped, and decided the gym can wait till this afternoon and to do the bank this morning and then all will be easy.  Now down to 2 and will continue later.

EFT with Me, Suzanne Zacharia, Practitioner

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