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RIP Lesley Fightmaster

RIP Lesley Fightmaster

Mourning A Yoga Star – One In A Million

I hesitated recording this video. On the one hand, it feels wrong, considering Lesley has left behind a husband and children who may see it. On the other hand, I am devastated, as a new and ardent fan, having discovered this amazing one in a million Yoga teacher around April 2020 during COVID-19 lockdown. She made lockdown bearable and even enjoyable. She helped my body in ways I had only been able to achieve in-person with several teachers before. It was a huge shock to see her last video on YouTube, and an even greater shock not knowing what took her from us so early. if you are a fan, please feel free to tap along. Namaste.

EFT Tapping Short Blog Posts Disclaimer

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