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High Blood Pressure Reduced with EFT in Minutes

High Blood Pressure First Thing This Morning

And I know why. Yesterday evening and night, I felt very pressurised by 2 situations:

1. I got my spouse the wrong birthday present and was very worried how to fix the mistake.

2. A big issue at work I was under pressure to resolve.


So I tap:

On issue1, I feel a 13 out of 10 pressure. No wonder my blood pressure is through the roof. I also remember drinking a lot of coffee this morning. Ooops!

Setup: “Even though I bought my spouse the wrong present, because I did not insist on trying a pair (of special shoes) on first, and because I was rushed for time to get back to work, I want to forgive myself, even though I currently cannot” (Wow, the words that came out if my mouth. I had no idea I felt this way)

Reminder: “I want to forgive myself for the shoddy way I bought this special petson what was supposed to be a special birthday present”.

Down to 4.7 out of 10.

Setup: “Even though I am recovering from the financial effects of 5 months of COPD complications, and I have to catch up at work more quickly, in order to have time to buy the present again properly, and OMG I am so under pressure to make my normal income again, I deeply and completely love, accept, and help myself.”

That’s at 10 out of 10. Issue 2 with a bit of issue 1 mixed in.… Read the rest