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Hashimoto Thyroid Antibodies Halved

Hashimoto Thyroid Antibodies Halved

After my previous blood test found Hashimoto’s, with antibodies through the roof, I took control and made the time almost daily to help my thyroid. I used EFT, Reiki, Allergy Antidotes, and color healing, and the latest blood test shows the antibodies have halved. 

How I tapped for Hashimoto’s

Almost daily, I sent Reiki healing to my thyroid, as I rubbed two EFT finger points (I was in public) and said in my head “I accept my thyroid, I love my thyroid”.

When at home with more time, I would put one hand on my thyroid and another on the thyroxine tablets and say “I accept my thyroid, I accept all forms of thyroxine”. And then I would tap briefly one short round of the same.

Whenever I had more time, I would send blue healing to my thyroid, the color of the throat chakra, as I have been now in a situation where I often cannot speak my truth; since mid-2015, and especially since 2016, with no end in sight for the near future. We live in a world that is toxic and full of trials and tribulations, but we can heal from that as much as possible. 

I am now eager to continue. However, my health insurance does not cover any more blood tests for the next year or so, so I have to pay out of pocket. This is very frustrating. so I tap “Even though I have to pay about £200 for the next test, and that really puts me off, I deeply and completely accept myself and my thyroid, in every way.”… Read the rest