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Tapping For Blocked Nostril

EFT Tapping For Blocked Nostril – Why and How I Did It

I use the Buteyko method for breathing to help with my COPD. With this method, I must breathe through my nose and not my mouth. This helps keep my lungs calm and open.

Post-covid, I have been having a few struggles, like I do after any nasty chest virus. It usually takes me months to recover, and this was no exception. To help me, I recently had to take steroids. The steroids reduce immunity, and so I caught a common cold. I almost never catch a cold! anyway, the cold ended up in my sinuses. And this morning, I woke up with a blocked left nostril. In order to breathe through my nose, I had to clear it.

My left nostril was only 10% open, just about. So I tapped:
Setup: “Even though I have this blocked left nostril, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.
Reminder: “This blocked left nostril.”

After 2 rounds, my left nostril was open 25%. I was exhausted from a night of having to lie on my right to drain from my left lung (my damaged lung, where there is an obstruction), that I decided to be happy with 25%. Then I rinsed both nostrils with salt water and they both opened up more fully. I went to rest and ave a short nap before starting my day. I am breathing through my nose as I write.

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Why I Need To Tap For A Blocked Nose

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