Nazis are nicer in books

Oh goodness, there is some Nazi legacy from my newly adopted country’s past. When it was something I read about in books from the comfort of my British home, or from the relative safety of my Lebanese upbringing, it was far-removed. But here in this country of my spouse, oh, I’m honored they let me stay but when I meet the odd Nazi, it is still such a shock. I tapped and tapped and tapped today and I am calmer about a Nazi incident, but I am tired tapping, and it is only down to a 4 from a 10. I will have a rest and tomorrow will come back here and tap some more, as I know it is not helpful for me to carry this pain and shock. Or maybe I’ll tap now… OK…

Tapping: “Even though …. is a Nazi and it shocks me to the core, I wish … love”
“Even though ….. the Nazi attacked me, I wish … love.”
 [Where … means the person’s name]

 Result: Down to a 3.

Tapping: “Nazi, I choose to channel love to … anyway, love unconditional, and … can choose to accept it or not, I channel it anyway”

 My supervisor, who was helping me, says it is a power trip.

Tapping, Setup:  “Even though … is a Nazi on a power trip, I deeply love myself and channel love to ….. anyway”
“Even though ~I feel it in my throat, my throat is closing up, I deeply love myself and am willing to one day forgive …. ”
Reminder: “Nazi … in my throat”

Result: Down to 1.98 in my throat.

Setup: “Even though I still have this Nazi … in my throat, and I just want to f…..g kill the b…, the f……ng Nazi ……, I DEEPLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF”
Reminder: “Fu…..g stupid f……g w…… the fuc….g b…. wtf did … think … was doing, how DARE … Nazi b…. that … is may you rot in hell you absolute piece of sh.. under my shoes, you filthy Nazi excuse for a human being.”

Result: Throat feels better… I am now imagining facing the Nazi person and shouting at them what I’d really like to say but can’t.

Tapping: “F…….g Nazi f…..g b…. f… hehe you don’t even f…, it not in the Nazi teachings you stupid horrid excuse for a person, you don’t even f… – not in your Nazi upbringing is it, you twisted fu….d-up sad little excuse for a human being”
“……… scumbag”
“scum of the earth”
“Hitler is dead, move on you stupid b….”
“You can’t bully me you stupid b….”
“NO, I say NO, NO and NO and it will never be any more than NO”
“Oh why on earth did I move to this place? Why didn’t anyone tell me there were Nazis here, just like Hitler?”
“Nazis were a hell of a lot more manageable in books. They are definitely hell in person”
“They have their personal hell. Rot in hell Hitler. I know I’m meant to be spiritual but I’m ANGRY”
“Even though I’m ANGRY, I deserve love”

Result: Down to 0.768
Tapping: “Even though I’m ANGRY, I deserve love”

Result: 0.5

That’s good enough for me right now. I’m really too tired now. I’ll rest for now and carry on tomorrow. I feel a lot better.

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