I lost weight!

OK, third posting today. I thought, here I am with all the doors and windows closed (due to another fire), nothing planned except going swimming (can’t, due to the fire), so… It’s an opportunity to tap.

I have, without dieting or anything, and despite having been very inactive for about a month recently, lost weight. I have lost 850g to be exact, since my wedding in December, and that is great. That is wonderful. Tomorrow I go to the gym again, fires permitting,Tapping:

“Even though I’m scared I won’t have lost any more, that’s OK.””Even though I don’t want to build my hopes up, in case I get ill and have to take fattening meds again…”
“Even though this weight loss is slow, I remember that it is right for me, and even though that doesn’t feel good enough, I forgive myself, I forgive others involved in this, I choose to take one day at a time.”
“[The very realistic weight I hope to see tomorrow], I deeply accept myself.”

I can feel and see myself doing this, on the scales tomorrow. I hope to have lost another 150g. Any more is a bonus.suz08

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