Hospital appointment for lung tests no longer

Went for a routine blood test today (more about that later). Nurse said doc wanted to see me about hospital lung tests. Nurse asked him, he had norecollection. She read the notes on-screen, not a clue why, I found letter waiting for me afterwards about the need to see himurgently regarding hospital lung tests. After half hour trying to get through to doctor’s reception, they finally answer, areas rude as ever (we in the UK pay these people out of our taxes) and they get through to the doctor, only to inform me that hekind of changed his mind about getting me tested and wants to see me again first. Make appointment and spend the rest of theday in a daze. For the first time in god knows how long, I overeat all day, walk the streets of london dazed and confused. Idon’t get it. Came back home after seeing my client and doing some minimal marketing and buying medication to help me breathefrom the pharmacist, still dazed. As soon as I was home I felt safe, knew I had to tap on this doctor abuse thing, it stillaffects me, kind of hard for it not to if it’s life-threatening! I had to go to bed, all of a sudden I get a fever and sorethroat. My sinuses are inflamed. I tap:Setup:”Even though my throat is angry and hot, I deeply and completely loveand accept myself”Reminder:”Sore angry throat”Throat feels fine now, right sinus very inflamed.Setup:”Eventhough my right sinus is angry and hot, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”Reminder:”Sore angry rightsinus”Sinus pain almost gone, I fall asleep.I awake at 9:30 PM, hot with fever and have some sinus pain. I tap as Itype:Setup:”Even though i have this monster-doctor-thing-pretending-to-be-a-healthcare-professional in my sinus, Ideeply love and accept myself, no matter what, even though he is a threat, i recognise that i don’t need him, i don’t needthe test to self-heal, i have many gifts, i have intelligence, i am becoming stronger each day, financially and emotionally. ichoose to heal even if this excuse for a human being is in my sinus. i choose to heal even if this excuse for an animal is inmy sinus. i choose to heal even if this pathetic little ……. is in my sinus.”Reminder:”this ….. squirt……….squirt………pathetic little…… excuse for a man,……”I get a mental image of the …….. he looks like acartoon character now. My sinuses feel very good. tap for my throat again.”angry offended throat” on all the points thatfeel right”angry hurt throat, angry attacked throat, ‘doctor’ in my throat,”‘doctor’ in my sinuses, near my rightear, at the back of my throat, making me feverish, my feverish angry body, my poor attacked body, ….. , ……., ………this … at the back of my throat, …… at the back of my throat, ……, ……… near my ear, … my left lung, ……in my left lung, ……… in my left lung.”Feel much better. Got to be better by tomorrow morning, have 2 clientstomorrow afternoon and a lot of admin in the morning. i think i can make it.