EFT for going the whole hour on cardio machines

Another surreptitious tapping success at the gym.

I had missed my first class in the gym. And the second. Nothing emotional, just work. But I did make the third choice. This was Pilates for an hour. Since tapping on insecurities a long time ago, I no longer breathe like they want me to, as I find it encourages hyperventilation – no good for COPD or asthma.  So, after a lovely class, I had another hour in the gym and I had to spend it on the cardio machines. I did 53 minutes. Then I was feeling bored and wanting to go back to work. But that’s when I tapped: “Even though I can’t make 7 more minutes…” OK, that helped. It took me to half-way, 3.5 minutes. I wanted to stop. So I tapped continuously with the finger points (rubbing or tapping them on the handlebars or against each other) as I stepped on the stepping machine (great lung workout). I observed my thoughts as I was considering going on now! I stopped at 8, 1 minute beyond my plan. Not bad!

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