Cognitive shifts and thinking more clearly

“Woke up with rambling thoughts

first thing in the morning. Your body doesn’t allow you to sleep if you are in danger of dying, so you wake up to find a way

to take oxygen into your body. So while I wait for self-medication and tapping to work, hey, I can write some more. I have a

lung infection, yet again, but I am not in the right state of mind yet to face the doctor and the why don’t you take steroids

argument. I refuse to be out of work and homeless, I’d rather self-medicate. Don’t do this at home folks. If you can take

steroids and they can help you, consider yourself lucky and take them for as long as you need to. They just make me unable to

work, with all the ensuing obvious problems, that’s all.

With the EFT, I got many cognitive shifts. I realise now that I

talk to people about my condition, whereas in the past I used to be too scared, thinking I’ll just be labelled as mad, like

the doctors and nurses at the Whittington Hospital labelled me.

The next time I go for an [contents lost in data update]

When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health.

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