Blocked up nose not leading to chest infection

I have a Greek/Jewish nose,designed to trap moisture in hot and dry places. But I live in cold and wet England, so my nose is not very good for me here.When my nose gets so blocked up with a common cold that I have to breathe through my mouth, I get a chest infection, and when this has been happening for many hours, I can’t get rid of that infection in my left lung unless I get some help by means of medication. So the easiest thing to do is not to get a blocked up nose in the first place. During the day, it is easy to keep blowing your nose, but this is impossible during sleep. I noticed the beginnings of the common cold, something I may catch if my immune system is compromised, such as it was yesterday when I went out in the cold. Somehow, the air around my head feeling like below 10 degrees celcius compromises my immune system (nobody could figure that one out), and I had gone out briefly in the cold wind without a hat. Previously, I would have taken a tablet to dry my nose during sleep so that I would breathe from my nose and not catch a chest infection. Last night I tapped instead.

Setup on Sore Spot:”Even though I have this rhinovirus [this term felt right], I deeply and completely love and accept myself”
Tapping on head, face points, UB, UA, withall the fingers:”This rhinovirus”

I did several rounds, after which my nose was clearing, then held my nose into an open position under the duvet for a few minutes (under the duvet for more CO2), after which I slept breathing from my nose all night. I have no cold or a chest infection now.

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