Back After Flu and Injuries

Back to Rebuilding My Lungs After Flu And Injuries

EFT Master Practitioner Suzanne Zacharia ImageI was back to Spin today after flu (with the unavoidable chest infection, since I have COPD). It was hard, and tapping helped me to accept that I do a third of my usual gears and half my usual speed.

Then I practised my Ju Jitsu, getting ready for next weekend, when I rejoin the Ju Jitsu class. I had tapped for days on my fear of going back having forgotten everything since my injuries 6 months ago.  It took about 6 days of tapping! But today, I calmly revised my Ju Jitsu and resolved to ask the Sensei to allow me to repeat the things I had forgotten, and to trust Sensei’s direction and advice.

I feel at peace. At last!

The tapping I did was just tapping on all the points as I talked the panic talk in my head.  Simple. It worked for me. 

EFT Tapping For A Chronic Condition – Why I Need To Exercise as Well as Tapping 

EFT Tapping is great and important for my emotional and physical health. However, some people are under the mistaken assumption that all we have to do is tap, whilst ignoring exercise. The one thing that works more than anything to help me stay off or have limited amount of steroids is exercise. And EFT Tapping gives me the motivation to do it. I do my best to walk the talk and ensure that any negative emotions are released asap, as my state of health is too potentially fragile for me to hold onto negative emotions. By releasing these, my body is kept in a state where it has the best chance of optimal health. Please go back to around 2005 on this personal healing blog to get to the worst postings (when I was often bed-ridden, unable to breathe enough to get out of bed), if you are looking for how to tap for those really bad days of health.

EFT Tapping Short Blog Posts Disclaimer

You are advised to consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any course of alternative, complementary, or beauty modality. Whilst EFT has produced great results for many clients, there is no guarantee you will. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents views not necessarily those of the trademark owners.

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