Apartheid Horror

Oh dear, yet again I lose a call to a torrent of abuse. There is a way to talk to sensitive clients without allowing them to abuse me, but it’s about getting that balance right. The first call this morning, as soon as I started my sales patter, I got a torrent of abuse. So I tapped, discussed it with my spouse, who advised me to smile as I talk, as I was not smiling and my tone of voice came over more harsh than friendly. Then I remembered a call, where I called a lady to offer her a very special offer, a huge discount of an eighth of the amount. She told me that she had just been on holiday with her husband and several children to a destination which is known to be very expensive to travel to. As I was telling her I wanted to make her a very attractive offer, if she could attend the course and fill the one empty place for me, she freaked out completely. I said “Don’t you want to know what the offer is?” to which she retorted with a torrent of abuse. I tried to calm her, and she freaked out and put the phone down.OK, that was first thing this morning. Then I had to stop at the above paragraph before doing a two-hour phone hypnosis and EFT session with a client Now as I read the above, I feel a zero. However, when I close my eyes and remember, it’s a 4. And what I see in my mind’s eye is the beautiful holiday location that this rich woman and her family went to, whilst she begrudges a worker like myself making any money, even at a huge discount.

Setup“Beautiful [expensive holiday location], rich woman and family begrudging me any payment, I deeply love and accept myself”

Reminder“Beautiful [expensive holiday location], rich woman and family begrudging me any payment”

Result: I cannot connect to this memory anymore. It’s a zero, total fade-out.

But now biggest in my mind is this morning’s call. It’s the thought that for many people here in this country, especially some white women, a person making enough money from an honest living has “attitude”. It’s like, how dare this person make money. The years and expense of study that I needed to do to qualify mean nothing to most white South Africans in Cape Town, whose idea of a complementary therapist is a person with a week’s training (if that) who peddles their services in flea markets. It’s like, I got this call from a white woman and my blood immediately ran cold. I know I have to deal with this. It’s shot up to an 8.

Setup:“Even though I’m terrified and aghast at some white women in Cape Town, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though they think I have “attitude” to ask for payment, no wonder their black maid makes less than she can live on, dies young, and all the other disgusting injustices in this beautiful place with … people, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I’m terrified of white women calling and treating me like dirt, I deeply love and accept myself. I forgive myself for not smiling this morning, I was too scared to smile and forgot to fake it or tap. I should have tapped, I should have faked a smile, I should have tried harder to let go of this terror of talking to certain white women, but I didn’t. Even though she said I had “attitude”, how dare she, I remember that she had her circumstances, her background, and I forgive her. Even though I feel really bad I didn’t handle it better, think faster, already know how to sell to Cape Town white women, I forgive myself”
Reminder:“I forgive myself, even when I can’t. I will smile when I talk, I will “smile as you dial” next time, “smile as you dial” and that’s OK”

Result: It’s now a 5 for not performing well, and a 2 for “certain white South African woman”

Setup:“Even though I was more concerned with my fear of this hatred than I was concerned for the client, I deeply accept myself.”…

Result: It’s now a 0 for all, except a 2 for “certain white South African woman”.

Setup:“White South African woman, I deeply love, accept and respect myself. I am worthwhile.”

Reminder:“WSAW….Apartheid….. Hitler… Gestapo… Horror.. Horror… [crying].. This horror, this abomination, man’s horror onto man.”

Result: I can’t bring WSAW under a 1. Maybe because I’m afraid of further abuse.



Reminder:“WSAW feeling”

Result: I get a 0 and giggles for WSAW. I feel 0 for this morning’s call.

I think next time I get an aggressive approach, I’ll tap straight away and let them talk while I put the phone away from my ear. Or something like that.


When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health.— EFT with Me, Suzanne Zacharia, Practitioner

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