Allergy to cats therapy update

My cat allergy is about 2% what it was at its worst now. I know because some tingling in my lips occurs if I kiss her for 5 minutes when I have a small cut in my lips. OK, so maybe it’s only 1% then. Maybe 1.5%. I sound like a client!

So I am going to kiss the cat less often, treating myself before each time. Having said that, nobody should kiss cats, as it’s unhygenic. I personally balance the emotional benefit against the potential harm.I treated myself every time I emptied or cleaned the kitty litter using:

Setup”Even though I’m allergic to this cat stuff, I deeply..”

Reminder”Cat urine””Cat stuff””This catstuff”

I am finding it a lot easier to empty the cat litter.I also am treating myself for the cat litter material itself, as above, and using affirmations like”Even though I have a challenge with cat litter stuff, I choose to breathe freely”when emptying/cleaning cat litter tray [rest of post lost due to date corruption]

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