12 Minutes on the bike!!!!

I was:

  • Needing to finally go back to my old record of 12 minutes on the bike at 100 spm
  • Angry at a supplier

So, I tapped for both whilst on the bike doing interval training at the gym earlier this week.

I tapped initially silently, as I imagined quite a violent fantasy scene about what I would have liked to do to the supplier representative – not suitable for this blog, trust me!

Result: The images became less and less violent as I tapped and tapped on it, and finally I was dancing with the representative, and then she was completely gone from the picture, and I was dancing free in a studio in the air, and I knew it was not even her fault; she just reported to me what her colleague had done wrong.

Then I tapped as I said to myself “6 minutes, I accept myself”, or “7 minutes, I CAN do this, YES I CAN!”, and “So scared, now nearly 8 minutes, I won’t be able to do this”, then “11 minutes, just one more”, and “12 minutes, 10 seconds extra for luck”!

Result: I did it! I broke my all-time record!

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